“Barbara tells some terrific stories about Saudi Arabia in general and about the role of women in the society. One story in particular caught my attention. Barbara was attending a medical lecture in which the Saudi audience was (naturally) segregated into a men’s section in the front and a burka-wearing women’s section in the back. When the speaker was finished, a few male hands went up, but a great many female hands. From that point on the women dominated the conversation while the men listened respectfully. Compare America, where the guys dominate the classroom while the liberated women sit quietly and try to look pretty and dumb.”
- Greg Curtis, Blogger

“Saudi Girl Barbara is enthralling, funny and illuminating, all at the same time."
- Richard Bakal

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Saudi-Girl Barbara.  I know very little about the Saudi culture and your book helped to fill in many gaps of my knowledge. “
- Marcia Westfall

"It (Saudi Girl Barbara) is really good!  Very insightful / fun to read / and a peek into Saudi culture which I will not forget!"
-Benjamin Oehler

“I was so surprised to learn just how friendly and warm Saudi families are!
- Linda Donaldson


"I so enjoyed Saudi-Girl Barbara.  Couldn't put it down last night.  Even had a tear in my eye at the end. Wouldn't it be great to have a copy of that in all high school libraries, to inspire the kids about their possibilities."
- Alice Carter


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